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The revolutionary new, industry-agnostic machine learning technology helps you to improve your process efficiency. It combines ease of use and explainability with unseen speed and quality.

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Use aivis on your data to improve your processes

Minimal data preparation

Only transform your data into the aivis CSV format. No further preparation like data filtering or cleaning required.

Simple to use

No data science expertise required. All machine learning steps are taken care of automatically.

Actionable results

Each result comes with a easily understandable report providing full transparancy and explainability.

Machine Learning in the Industry

The complexity of industrial processes is increasing rapidly. At the same time, more and more data is being generated. Machine learning is therefore fundamental to increasing sustainability and ensuring continued control and efficiency.

In aivis we combined deep industry experience with game-changing innovations in machine learning based on in-depth research in differential geometry, stochastic processes, functional analysis, and theoretical physics.

This makes aivis an outstanding technology and product for industrial applications with a focus on ease of use, explainability and scalability.

Three simple steps…

Step 1: Upload your data

Upload your raw, unfiltered and unsynchronized historical time-series or tabular data. Both poor data quality and thousands of sensor series can be handled without any problems.


time-series, tabular

Step 2: Start aivis

Let aivis automatically and independently search for hidden patterns, build models and uncover relationships, dependencies, reactions, root causes, and influencing factors.


Step 3: Improve and benefit

Use aivis‘ insights and models to better understand, control, and improve your processes. Remove found obstacles, raise your efficiency, improve your speed, and much more.

Report / Model

aivis helped me to truly understand the root causes of production interruptions such as sheet breaks. Instead of just curing the symptoms, which is current practice in the paper industry, we are now able to eliminate the root causes. After almost 20 years in the industry, I believe that this is a real step forward, helping me to support our customers in boosting production output.

Jürgen Käser

Director Paper Process Applications, Voith Group

With aivis we can today offer our HYDRA customers KPI analyses directly out of the box, which take the understanding of their processes to a new level.

Thorsten Strebel

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), MPDV

…to adress your most pressing issues

WHY does this happen?

Find relationships, root causes, dependencies, reactions and influencing factors to clarify why something is happening.

Get the answer as clear and actionable insight reports that improve your understanding and often enable immediate efficiency improvements.

WHAT is happening?

Create lightweight software modules that measure and predict quantities that are difficult or impossible to measure with physical sensors. Use them to replace sporadic lab measurements, or predict and classify KPIs.

Let aivis create a virtual sensor, estimator or classifier that can easily be deployed within your live data streams.

PREVENT bad behaviour

Unveil the reasons for bad behavior and create light-weight software modules that watch your process and protect you against any kind of disruption.

Let aivis create a live guard that detects and predicts bad behavior and suggests in time suitable countermeasures.

Explainable & Actionable

Especially in the industrial environment, the true benefit of an answer lies not only in „what is happening“, but also „why is it happening“.

Because it is the „why“ that often reveals previously unknown relationships and enables immediate adjustments and improvements in production that result in immediate benefits.

That is why we designed aivis in such a way that it always presents all found, relevant relationships, and dependencies that form the basis of aivis‚ response.

Quality comparison

Comparison of R² of aivis and other Major AutoML Platforms (MAP) based on four different industrial datasets regarding oil viscosity, steel quality, and gas-fired power plant predictions.

The higher R², the better. As can be seen in the chart, aivis is in the lead across the board, both in terms of quality and the spread of quality.

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