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Unlock your Data with the aivis Insights app

  • Simply import all your historical process data as CSV – raw, unfiltered, uncleaned, and unsynchronized
  • Use an intuitive wizard to get to the bottom of questions like Why does this happen? What is happening? or How can this be prevented?
  • Let aivis Insights analyse your data entirely on its own and create explainable reports which help you to improve your processes

You are a data analyst, domain expert, or process engineer?

Then you know the struggle to work with raw data and the pain to get optimal results out of them. This changes with aivis Insights App. It makes your life easier and gives you full control over your data.

  • Stop losing time with data preparation
    Time-series data and tabular data? Good, the only data preparation necessary is the data conversion into the aivis CSV format. Everything else aivis Insights does for you: aivis works on any amount of unprocessed, uncleaned, and unsynchronized raw data.
  • Fully focus on your questions
    Just formulate your goal with an intuitive wizard. aivis Insights figures out by itself which part of your data is relevant regarding this goal. It requires no prior exclusion of supposedly irrelevant signals or data portions nor any other insertion of pre-knowledge.
  • Improve your understanding
    Use aivis Insights to answer questions like Why does this happen?What is happening? or How can this be prevented? providing understandable and explainable reports. Gain a deeper understanding of dependencies and hidden relationships.

Your data is secure

Every dataset we receive is strictly confidential, not saved permanently, not duplicated, remains entirely under your control, and will only be used for your purposes. Do you need an NDA? No problem.

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Three simple steps to use the Insights App

Step 1: Upload your data

Upload your raw, unfiltered and unsynchronized historical time-series or tabular data. Both poor data quality and thousands of sensor series can be handled without any problems.


time-series, tabular

Step 2: Start aivis

Let aivis automatically and independently search for hidden patterns, build models and uncover relationships, dependencies, reactions, root causes, and influencing factors.


Step 3: Improve and benefit

Use aivis‘ insights and models to better understand, control, and improve your processes. Remove found obstacles, raise your efficiency, improve your speed, and much more.

Report / Model


Open up whole new access to your data and realize your potential. aivis Insights is easy to use and requires no expertise in data science. Do you need more arguments? There we go:


We know that you are looking for answers to real-world problems. That’s why aivis Insights minimizes the struggle to translate your question back and forth into something that mathematical approaches can solve.


aivis Insights requires no manual intervention. What does that mean? You don’t need to select mathematical approaches or prefiltering irrelevant data.


aivis Insights can easily cope with thousands of parameters. This makes it especially useful in very complex environments where human comprehension quickly reaches its limits.


To all of your questions, aivis Insights answers with understandable, explainable, and actionable reports unveiling all relevant dependencies and relationships.


Industrial data is not always perfect. Diverse real-world influences lower data quality with data gaps, erroneous measurements, and more. aivis Insights is exceptionally well equipped to work with any data quality.


aivis Insights works on raw, unfiltered, uncleaned, and unsynchronized raw data. Therefore, you require no other manual data preparation than CSV conversion.

Want to unlock your data with the aivis Insights App?